Burn Your Boats

Are you interested or committed in your life pursuits? Are you burning your boats?

The ancient Greek warriors were both feared and respected by their enemies. In battle, the Greeks established a well-deserved reputation for their unsurpassed bravery and unshakable commitment to victory. The key to their overwhelming success on the battlefield had far more to do with how the Greek commanders motivated the warriors than it did with issues of tactics or training. The Greeks were master motivators who understood how to use a “dramatic demonstration” to infuse a spirit of commitment into the heart of every warrior.

Once the warriors had been offloaded from their boats onto their enemy’s shore, the Greek commanders would shout out their first order, “burn the boats!” The sight of burning boats removed any notion of retreat from their hearts and any thoughts of surrender from their heads. Imagine the tremendous psychological impact on the soldiers as they watched their boats being set to the torch. As the boats turned to ash and slipped quietly out of sight into the water, each man understood there was no turning back and the only way home was through victory.

So I’ll ask again, are you interested or committed to your goals & dreams? Are you burning your boats?

Here’s the difference between interest and committed: When you are interested in something, you will make excuses, you are not willing to be inconvenienced to achieve and so-so results are tolerable. When you are committed, you expect excellence, accept only favorable results and you are willing to be inconvenienced.

Often times, we set out on an endeavor only to find that it gets difficult, sometimes unbearable. But if we did like the Greek warrior commanders did, and rid ourselves of any way of turning back, would some things in your life be different right now? Would your marriage be better, your career be more rewarding, your dream realized? Perhaps some tough stuff to look at, maybe some regrets to face, but worthy of thinking about.

So what “dramatic demonstration” have you had in your life? What wake up call did you not pay attention to? What fear held you back? What decision did you decide NOT to make? And is it too late? The answer is no, because if you are ever going to put any of the regret to rest, you have to face the giants, feel the fear and do it anyway and finally know, the only way home is through victory…and That’s the Point….

About amidean

An entrepreneur with 20 years experience, Ami most recently started the newest addition to her business family, The Rally Point. As the CEO & Mailroom Clerk at The Rally Point, Ami oversees Operations, Sales, Marketing and well, um, the mailroom. After starting WithIn, Inc. (an employee training and development firm) in 2005, she found herself repeatedly asked by her clients to find them a venue with a more inspiring and creativity provoking environment than the saltine cracker hotel room or in-house training room. Frustrated that she couldn't fill her clients requests (simply because it didn't exist in the market) she, being the customer service fanatic she is, created it for them. Ami holds her MBA but she truly feels her greatest accomplishment is being a living example of work/life harmony and to make that work - "You've gotta get creative!' she says. Ami has always felt that if fun couldn't be part of her job responsibilities, she just wouldn't fit the culture. "Now, I laugh, play and am truly able to create the perfect environment for those teams, businesses and organizations that need to incorporate fun into their meetings to boost creativity, production, morale and inspiration. My job rocks and so does The Rally Point, I mean, have you seen this place?" Fiercely passionate about her faith, her three daughters, and the MiAMI Dolphins, Ami still finds time to enjoy sitting on the Boards of Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau Counties and Women in Leadership of Central Illinois, shopping, interior design and traveling.
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