Sometimes Days Are Just ….

Cue Daniel Powter tune.

Today was just a bad day.  Now hold on,  before you bail on me because you don’t want to get dumped on, I promise to bring it back around and make a positive point.  But the fact of the matter is, today was just a bad, bad day.

Let me see if I can pull a John Grogan. 

Woke up early.  No coffee.  Brushed my teeth. Threw something on. On the road before 7. Got to work. So far so good. Then good stopped.  Ran to Sam’s Club.  Filled the cart.  Checked out.  Debit card wouldn’t work. Frustrated.  Called 800 number.  Nada. Put my stuff on hold.  Called a friend.  Took bank’s side.  Hurt my feelings.  Drove back to office. Called 800 number again.  Card is fine.  Found my pin.  Went back to Sam’s.  Pin wouldn’t work.  Wrote a check. Now running late.  Very late.  Got behind slow driver.  VERY slow driver. Seriously irritated. Stopped for second errand.  Door to place wouldn’t open. Checked hours on the door.  Checked cars in the parking lot.  Checked if people inside.  Tried door again. Nada.  Looked inside again.  People were there.  Waved to them.  They opened the door.  Placed my order.  They were out of what I needed.  Waited for new batch.  Dropped my sunglasses.  All good.  Headed back to office. Took the wrong turn.  Major agitation. Schlepped entire Sams run up four stories. In heels & skirt.  Prepped for guests.  Dropped entire bowl of starburts.  Picked them all up.  In heels & skirt.  Starving.  Ignored it.  Guests arrived.  Guests left.  Had to clean up. Had to write blog.  Need sleep. Wrote blog anyway.  Still want coffee. Nada.

So how am I going to turn this into a positive?  I have no idea.  All I know is that I made it through and seriously, tomorrow, it won’t matter and I’ll be dealing with a whole other set of issues.  Sometimes days are just – days that stink.  But I am pretty sure that I would much rather have a bad day doing what I do than a really good day any where else and that, is the point.

About amidean

An entrepreneur with 20 years experience, Ami most recently started the newest addition to her business family, The Rally Point. As the CEO & Mailroom Clerk at The Rally Point, Ami oversees Operations, Sales, Marketing and well, um, the mailroom. After starting WithIn, Inc. (an employee training and development firm) in 2005, she found herself repeatedly asked by her clients to find them a venue with a more inspiring and creativity provoking environment than the saltine cracker hotel room or in-house training room. Frustrated that she couldn't fill her clients requests (simply because it didn't exist in the market) she, being the customer service fanatic she is, created it for them. Ami holds her MBA but she truly feels her greatest accomplishment is being a living example of work/life harmony and to make that work - "You've gotta get creative!' she says. Ami has always felt that if fun couldn't be part of her job responsibilities, she just wouldn't fit the culture. "Now, I laugh, play and am truly able to create the perfect environment for those teams, businesses and organizations that need to incorporate fun into their meetings to boost creativity, production, morale and inspiration. My job rocks and so does The Rally Point, I mean, have you seen this place?" Fiercely passionate about her faith, her three daughters, and the MiAMI Dolphins, Ami still finds time to enjoy sitting on the Boards of Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau Counties and Women in Leadership of Central Illinois, shopping, interior design and traveling.
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