Push Through The Umph

I’m a sports fan.  Have been since I was 7 years old an NFL girl (GO DOLPHINS!) And while I pledged my heart, eternal love & devotion  to the Mi Ami Dolphins all those years ago, I am truly a sports fan in many areas. Seriously think I am going to learn a little about hockey this year….but I digress….

 Let’s talk Olympics.  I love the inspirational effect of the Olympics.  The opening ceremonies and the lyrics of the songs the create for that event.  The compelling human interest stories that come with every athlete.  The moment of glory.  The crowing of a champion.  It is compelling to watch, to celebrate with them.  But so often, as I get caught up in a particular story or moment of excellence, I find myself wondering about the behind the scenes part.  The part we don’t get to see in an athlete’s journey. 

Most people only see or experience the end of someone else’s journey or victory.  But is that where a champion is made? On the highest podium, bending to be adorned with gold at the MOMENT of victory?  Uh, not even close.  The champion is made in all the moments we don’t see.  Ever think about that?  Ever think about what happens the four years in between the Olympics?   I call it, the “umph” years.

It’s been said that “The difference between try and triumph is a little extra umph”. The longest part of any journey is the time spent between the decision to TRY and the actual TRIUMPH.  It’s this UMPH section I am referring to. 

What happens in the “umph” section?  TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS.  Adversity happens. And here is the big news.  The reason it happens is to reveal to you what your true values are.  You think those athletes had it easy getting to where they are at the moment of glory?  NO WAY!  They have had to persevere in the “umph” section.  Dig deep.  Find purpose.  Believe without evidence.  They had to BECOME a champion.

Trials & tribulations hold you hostage and it demands your faith, your health, your determination, your belief in yourself or even your life to overcome them. Your reaction to trials & tribulations illuminates your true values and adversity in the “umph” section should never betray what your true values are.  Adversity strips away the pretense and self-delusion and shows you what you treasure the most and where your heart truly is.  Whatever you are not willing to sacrifice is your greatest treasure, and wherever your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

So give thanks for adversity.  It gives you a chance to see yourself as you really are and to make corrections before it is too late.  Do not grow weary for you will win if you don’t lose heart – and that makes the journey through trials & tribulation the ultimate TRIUMPH!

About amidean

An entrepreneur with 20 years experience, Ami most recently started the newest addition to her business family, The Rally Point. As the CEO & Mailroom Clerk at The Rally Point, Ami oversees Operations, Sales, Marketing and well, um, the mailroom. After starting WithIn, Inc. (an employee training and development firm) in 2005, she found herself repeatedly asked by her clients to find them a venue with a more inspiring and creativity provoking environment than the saltine cracker hotel room or in-house training room. Frustrated that she couldn't fill her clients requests (simply because it didn't exist in the market) she, being the customer service fanatic she is, created it for them. Ami holds her MBA but she truly feels her greatest accomplishment is being a living example of work/life harmony and to make that work - "You've gotta get creative!' she says. Ami has always felt that if fun couldn't be part of her job responsibilities, she just wouldn't fit the culture. "Now, I laugh, play and am truly able to create the perfect environment for those teams, businesses and organizations that need to incorporate fun into their meetings to boost creativity, production, morale and inspiration. My job rocks and so does The Rally Point, I mean, have you seen this place?" Fiercely passionate about her faith, her three daughters, and the MiAMI Dolphins, Ami still finds time to enjoy sitting on the Boards of Easter Seals of LaSalle and Bureau Counties and Women in Leadership of Central Illinois, shopping, interior design and traveling.
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