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Wonderment Wednesdays

Introducing: Wonderment Wednesday Every Wednesday The Rally Point will post a question for you to “wonder” about. If we watch children we understand that they don’t just believe in miracles, they live in the realm of the miraculous. The world and … Continue reading

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The Whole Is Much Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

There’s a saying: “I prayed for God to protect me from my enemies, and all my friends disappeared.” I know this sounds harsh, but surrounding yourself with negative, draining people regardless if they are friends or family, raises no one … Continue reading

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Resolve: It Ends Before It Begins

We are 3 days into the new year. Are you still jazzed about your resolution? Have you hit a bump? Have you cheated or slipped? Have you experienced at setback? Has it been difficult? Are you still determined? Are you … Continue reading

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Push Through The Umph

I’m a sports fan.  Have been since I was 7 years old an NFL girl (GO DOLPHINS!) And while I pledged my heart, eternal love & devotion  to the Mi Ami Dolphins all those years ago, I am truly a sports fan … Continue reading

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One Bad Apple

Donny Osmond knew it! Everyone has a purpose in your life.  Some people’s purpose in your life is not necessarily in your best interest.  They are dead weight, providing no value.  Eliminate them.  Harsh?  Perhaps.  But that’s the thing about … Continue reading

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Sometimes Days Are Just ….

Cue Daniel Powter tune. Today was just a bad day.  Now hold on,  before you bail on me because you don’t want to get dumped on, I promise to bring it back around and make a positive point.  But the … Continue reading

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No Stinkin’ Thinkin’ – EVER!

I was dealt some potentially devastating, heartbreaking & crushing news this afternoon and very soon after, I posted this as my status: “I WILL NOT look at the size of my problem, heartbreak or obstacle. I will look at the … Continue reading

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