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Run to WIN

We all struggle.   We all get tired.   We all like our comfort zone.  In those times we want to quit, it is imperative that we surround ourselves with encouragement and people who won’t let us retreat.  For me, … Continue reading

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Turtle or the Hare?

Some people quit due to slow progress, never grasping the fact that slow progress… is progress. DON”T QUIT!

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The Whole Is Much Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

There’s a saying: “I prayed for God to protect me from my enemies, and all my friends disappeared.” I know this sounds harsh, but surrounding yourself with negative, draining people regardless if they are friends or family, raises no one … Continue reading

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Push Through The Umph

I’m a sports fan.  Have been since I was 7 years old an NFL girl (GO DOLPHINS!) And while I pledged my heart, eternal love & devotion  to the Mi Ami Dolphins all those years ago, I am truly a sports fan … Continue reading

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If All I Ever Become is an Encourager

This year has been a year of pushing my limits. I mean REALLY pushing them!  I set out to do things I have always been telling myself I couldn’t do because I wasn’t in shape enough, rich enough, experienced enough, successful … Continue reading

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